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Video slot machines, such as those available on Spike Games, Green Jade Games, and Lightning Box Games, are a fast and convenient way to play free casino games online today. From penny slots to Vegas slots to video slots that allow you to play for real money, online casino platforms offer gambling aficionados a variety of exciting and entertaining options. While many sites offer free play, there are also sites that offer real money slot machines. These real money play sites are for the bold gambler not afraid to lose real money to up their chances of winning big.

Best casinos with Video slots

Playing Video Slots Online for Free

Playing online slots is easy. Choose from any of the free play casino slot games available from the online casino of your choice, then set your stake and click the button to spin. Matching symbols can trigger a winning combination or even bonus rounds in the form of free spins that give you more chances to win. Themed slot machines feature characters and imagery to captivate and enhance the gaming experience.

The Best Free Video Slot Games to Play Online

Here are some of the best free play video slot games to play online:

Wolf Run

Wolf Run is one of three wolf-themed free slots developed by the game company IGT. As the in-game wolf howls into the dark night sky of the forest, the reels will spin and land on one of 40 paylines. Different combinations of symbols trigger wild card effects, scatters, and free spins that repeat often; the game has a high RTP of 94.98 percent.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a free slots game for those who want to play free slots with a nostalgic twist. Like other spin games, players simply spin the wheel to win numerous prizes. Players have three spins per game and can trigger bonus features like multipliers and free spins that add to the excitement of this free play game inspired by its namesake game show.

Book of Ra Deluxe

The Book of Ra Deluxe free slots is an Egyptian-themed casino slot game packed with bonus features to enthrall players. This ten-payline free play game features symbols, such as scarabs and hieroglyphic fonts, that fans of ancient Egypt are sure to enjoy. While those just looking for entertainment can play for free, players can also engage on a real money basis. The real money version has a high RTP of 95.5 percent.

Aztec Temple

The Aztec Temple free play video slot game lets players play free slots in the magical world of the Aztecs. As the name implies, gameplay takes place in an Aztec temple and stone-hewn masks that correspond to different payouts and features. With up to 243 ways to win, free spins with fun twists, and a 94.97 percent RTP, it is a medium to high volatility game.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a 50-payline free play video slot that game brings the zombie-fueled excitement of the cult favorite TV series to your casino gameplay experience. Fans of the show will appreciate its horror-themed styling, free spins, and jackpot symbol that resembles the biohazard symbol. The game also has a long-term RTP of 95.73 percent.

Free Online Video Slots Without Download or Registration

While some players play free online slots for entertainment, others seek online casinos for the chance to win real money. Free online slots with no registration or download required are a great commitment-free way for players to try their luck at multiple new free slots games before staking cash bets. Simply find a site that supports your operating system and has the games that suit your fancy, then play free today to your heart’s content.

Bonuses with Free Online Video Slots

Computer and mobile device-based casino games create a unique gameplay experience with computer-based algorithms, live animation, and entertaining sound effects. Online free slots sites offer numerous exciting bonuses to entice both free and real-money players of all skill levels.

Welcome Bonus

Online casino slots sites offer generous deposit bonuses to each first-time registrant who makes a deposit. Both free play and free spins are great ways to explore a site’s offerings and increase overall online slots winnings. Some sites also offer reload bonuses to reward players for completing any welcome requirements.

Free Spins

Free spins are a risk-free way to play free online slots and, if lucky, even win huge jackpots. Since terms regarding free spins can vary by site, be sure to check with your site of choice before playing. For example, the free spins that a platform offers may only be available for a limited time or limited to certain games the site is promoting.

Bonus Rounds and Games

Landing on special payline combinations triggers in-game bonus rounds in many free slot games. Since players often gravitate toward familiar titles, sites may also offer bonus rounds for less common free games to boost their usage. These free spins continue the gameplay without requiring players to make any bets, which increases players’ overall bankroll.

No Deposit Bonus

Many online casino sites offer no-deposit bonuses, such as free chips, free slot spins, or limited-time free slot play to encourage players to set up accounts. No deposit bonuses are either credited to new players’ accounts or claimed via e-mail verification.

What is the RTP for Online Video Slots?

The RTP of an online casino game refers to its average percentage return to the player over a long period of gameplay. It is the opposite of house edge, which refers to the average amount paid to the casino for any game. RTP and house edge are two parts of a whole. For example, a game with an RTP of 97 percent has a house edge of 3 percent.

The highest RTP games create the greatest opportunity for players to win big, and these are also the best free slots to play. 90 percent represents a good baseline RTP, whereas 97 percent and 99 percent are ideal for slots and table games, respectively. Players can evaluate free games by their RTPs to determine which have the highest profit potential. When combined with the many introductory bonuses many online casinos offer to reward new players, you can turn free cash into real money prizes.

The RTP for any of the best free slots games is traditionally much higher than that of their brick-and-mortar equivalents. This is because, unlike physical casino games that have expensive operational costs, online casino slots sites have little operational overhead. Physical slots games have RTPs ranging from 70 to 90 percent; in contrast, slot machines available on the web have RTPs between 93 and 97 percent.

Play Free Online Video Slots on All Your Devices

The beauty of free slot games in the digital age is that many are available on any platform. From iOS to Android to web browsers, gamblers wanting to play online slots are sure to find sites that support the devices they have.

Mobile phones are the most portable way to support free slots gameplay. App-based platforms are thus ideal for free slots players who do not have regular access to a desktop computer or simply like to play free slots in passing.

Similarly, tablet-based slot machine games combine the larger viewing surface of tablet devices, such as the iPad, with sleek graphics to deliver high-intensity online slot gameplay.

Finally, tried-and-true desktop gameplay gives players the most control and viewability over their gameplay experience. While many platforms operate on a web browser, some need to be downloaded. Whether you opt for an in-browser or software app experience, desktop-based platforms generally also provide more payment methods for cashing out winnings.

How Playing Free Online Video Slots Can Increase Chances of Winning Real Money

While real money play games include the opportunity to win real money prizes, the cost to the player quickly racks up as they spin in search of that winning combination that results in major winnings. Playing free online slot machines improves new players’ chances of winning on real money online slots by offering a risk-free way to simulate the experience and learn the ins and outs of a game before hedging any cash bets. From free spins to bonus games, play-for-free sites offer generous introductory bonuses to absorb the cost for interested players who want to start playing today.

Players can also check out a site’s offerings before committing to the registration process. Given that registration involves sharing sensitive data, such as e-mail addresses and banking information, it is crucial for interested players to determine a site’s credibility and gameplay experience before making the commitment to register.

Reasons You Should Play Free Video Slots Online

Online casinos are a convenient gambling option, even for those wanting to play for free. Players can play free or for real money slots anywhere they desire, meaning no commuting is required to start playing. This is particularly useful for gamblers who live far from their local casinos or simply want a peaceful and private environment to play in.

Playing free slots gives players the chance to explore the gameplay experience of a game, including its features and strategies, before making any cash bets. Free slots also let players explore new games that they may not have previously been familiar with.

The Difference Between Real Money Games and Free Online Video Slots

Real money casino games require players to register on their site and hedge per-play bets. Unlike free slots players, who often have access to limited titles, players who register to a site and play on a paid basis have access to its entire range of offerings. They can take advantage of generous deposit bonuses to increase their bankroll, as well as play in tournaments that add a community aspect to the gameplay. Real money play is also the only way to win real money while playing online slot games.

Free online video slots, on the other hand, are more accessible and less risky to the player since no money is required to play. Players of all skill levels can practice new games and explore their features with no financial risk. Since many slot games available for free have real-money equivalents, diligent players can turn these learned observations into real cash prizes once they feel ready.

Where to play the Best Free Casino Video Slots?

Both free and real-money players alike can start playing on these top-rated free slots sites today.

Slotty Vegas

This online casino is one of the best options for players who like variety and a high chance of a payout. The site features over 1,000 games to suit all tastes and preferences, as well as a high average payout percentage of 97.84 percent. Players who miss the excitement of live gaming can also play roulette and blackjack with live dealers.

777 Casino

777 Casino has been entertaining online gamblers since 2006. With a high RTP of 96.03 percent and 490 games to entertain the most discerning casino aficionados, this licensed UK-based online casino is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and desktop computers. Aside from a VIP reward program, the site offers Daily Delights, which are themed bonuses that differ based on the day of the week.


This is an online sports betting site that also offers a live casino. The platform offers a low deposit minimum, a robust selection of games and banking options for pay-to-play gamblers, and deposit bonuses to entice new players. Games available on the site have an average RTP ranging from 91 percent to 99 percent. Alternatives to free slot games, such as craps dice games, are available for players seeking more gaming variety.


With payout times averaging four hours, BetAt Casino has one of the fastest payout turnarounds in the industry. Although there are a few exceptions disclosed on its site, the platform is available to players in most countries. Among the online casino’s offerings are video poker, table games with live dealers, and more than 300 slot game options.

William Hill

This is a UK-founded online sports betting stalwart and casino site featuring over 100 slot machine titles. Fans of live casino games can also partake in live blackjack and European roulette. For mobile device gameplay, the platform is also available on iOS and Android.

How We Rate the Best Free Online Video Slots Games

The following criteria are useful in determining an online casino’s credibility: the deposit and withdrawal process, bonuses and offers, security, and software and game selection.

The deposit and withdrawal process of a site should offer different payment methods and fast processing times. To guide players in choosing a game to bet on, the RTP of each game should be visible and accurate.

The bonuses and offers should be enticing enough to get a customer to register, and the loyalty bonuses should be generous enough to encourage long-term use.

Given that security is a major when handling money and personal data, the platform should feature strong encryption, as well as have all relevant licensing. Customer service should also be available to players who need help with any site matter.

Finally, gamblers should play free of any issues. The software, whether browser or app-based, should be free of bugs that affect gameplay. The game selection and jackpots should be big enough to keep interested gamblers entertained.

The Leap From Free Online Video Slots to Real Money Games

Free online casino sites are great for players seeking to play for entertainment. Pay-to-play games, however, are ideal for veteran players wanting to up the ante by putting real money on the table for the chance to win real money prizes.

Free online casino slots are a great proving ground for newer players. As players cycle through the many available free online slots options, they can take mental notes on the features and strategies pertaining to their favorites.

Games involving the opportunity to win real money are great for serious players who have mastered the basics of their chosen games and are ready to wager cash bets. Since wagers involve the chance that a player will lose real money, it is imperative for players to know the ins and outs of a game before making any cash bets.

Winning the Jackpot on Video Slots

Players can win the jackpot on free slot games by landing on a winning payline. This payline may feature a series of matching symbols core to the game; the jackpot for the Book of Ra, for example, is an explorer. Jackpots can be fixed or variable in terms of payout.

Free Online Video Slot Apps

Video slot machines feature a random number generator, or RNG, that randomly selects the outcome of any given spin using all probable outcomes. While this means that the outcome of each spin made in free slot games is predetermined, there is still no way to predict the resulting payline.

The return to player, or RTP, of casino slots refers to the average percentage return to the player. Due to the minimal overhead required to host online slot machines, the RTP of online slot machines is traditionally above 90 percent. In contrast, the RTP of some physical casino games can be as low as 70 percent.

Other Free Online Casino Games

For players seeking more variety, here are some alternatives to free casino slot games.

Video Poker

Video poker is the web-based version of its card-based counterpart. Unlike video slot machines, which only involve pressing a button to trigger a turn, players must strategically play their dealt hands as they would in any poker game.

Video Blackjack

Video blackjack features a virtual, RNG-enabled dealer that deals cards and shuffles the deck after each turn. Since each turn is computer-generated, turns go much faster than live-play blackjack.

Video Roulette

Unlike live roulette, which involves table-based gameplay, video roulette exists on a screen. Players spin a computer-generated wheel, which immediately displays the results once it stops.

Other Free Slot Machines to Play

Even the avid slot player may not want to play free slot machines online all day, yet still may want to play for free. Here are some alternatives to playing free slots.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are similar in concept to slots. Players spin to land on a payline where each fruit corresponds to a different payout. The fruits will vary by the theme of the machine. Like other free casino slots games, these free casino games can be found on the best free online slots sites.

Classic Free Slots

Classic slots are the stripped-down version of free slot machines available on the web. These free online slot machines have a simple paytable, no more than five paylines, and capped earnings that are usually on the lower end.

Conclusion on Free Video Slots

Gamblers who want to play free slots online have a breadth of free play options available via online slot machine sites. They are an option for those who want to play for free or real money. Slot players can head to the best online casinos for a wide selection of games to practice with. Through diligent practice, players can discover the features of each game, such as free spins, mini jackpots, and multipliers. Once they have narrowed down their favorite free casino games, players can then switch to their pay-to-play equivalents to turn their best free slots games lessons into cash winnings.

FAQs: Video Slots Free

Are free video slots legal in Canada?

Legality is an important consideration for playing free online slots. There are no current laws banning free slots in Canada. In fact, the first online casino launched in Canada in the 1990s. From Vegas slots to themed slots, legal casinos offer an array of licensed games for the avid free slots lover.

Are online video slot games rigged?

Any gamblers who play for real money may wonder whether games offered by online casinos are rigged. The best free online slot sites use algorithms to make the gameplay as luck-based as possible. Playing games on licensed sites that use RNG, or random number generation, software, in addition to an encrypted connection to protect players’ data, ensures a safe online experience.

Can I win real money on video slots on my phone?

Yes! As long as you are playing a pay-to-play video slot machine with your preferred withdrawal method enabled, you can certainly win real money on a mobile slot machine app.

Are all online video slot games free?

While many online casinos have free slot machine games for slot machine lovers, not all free slots games are free. Aside from entertainment value, real money slots let players stake cash for actual real money prizes.

Do all casinos offer free online video slots?

Most casinos offer free online video slots to let players practice before betting actual cash on a game.

What is the difference between online video slots and classic slots?

Classic slot machines typically have a simple paytable and no more than five paylines. Both payouts and chances to win big are capped so that ultimate payouts are lower. Due to their simplicity, these free games often have higher RTPs. Video slots, on the other hand, feature as many as hundreds of paylines alongside animated bonus games and special winning combinations. With RTPs ranging from 94 percent to 96 percent, they offer massive yet rare jackpots.

What are the best free video slot mobile apps?

There are plenty of options for online slot lovers who want the convenience and portability of playing on their mobile devices. Some of the most trusted free slots apps available for mobile phones include Lotsa Slots, Tycoon Casino, and myVegas Slots.

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