Safe & Secure No License Casinos in Canada in 2022

Safe & Secure No License Casinos in Canada in 2022

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It can be extremely expensive to get a local casino license in Canada, and this has triggered the rise of many no license casinos. However, this does not imply that they are not safe to play in. If you are on this page, you probably want to learn about casinos without licenses and how they work. Perhaps you even want to learn where you can find the best ones too, right?
If that is the case, the experts at ABC have you covered. On this page, we will show you everything about no license casinos. So, let’s begin.

What is a no license casino?

A no license casino is simply a casino that does not have a local license. Many countries require online casinos to get a license in their country before they operate, and any casino that does not do this is regarded as a no license casino.

These casinos choose to avoid a local license because they can be quite expensive, and for a new casino, this cost may be too much for their present budget. In addition, the government of countries that impose a local license may still tax the online casino’s revenue, further increasing the cost. And if that is not enough, many game providers stay away from licensed casino markets because the standards are too high and stressful, resulting in casinos avoiding them.

So, instead of getting a local license, they get licensed by other reputable bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Authority. Since these leading bodies still regulate them, it means you cancan safely play in them without hassles.

Casino without Canadian license

When a casino does not have a Canadian license, you will still be able to play in them. However, the casino cannot be hosted in Canada but other countries. And because online gambling is a legal activity in Canada, you won’t be breaking any laws.

These casinos tend to have a license from bodies like the MGA and Curacao, which means they are technically licensed. In addition, playing in them gets you access to exclusive bonuses that you typically won’t have had access to.

Pros & Cons: Casinos without license

There are tons of benefits that come with playing in a casino without a license. However, there are also drawbacks. Anyone looking to play in these casinos needs to consider and weigh both aspects so they can make a well-informed decision.


  • Tons of payment options to choose from
  • Fantastic bonuses available
  • You can play from any country where gambling is legal
  • You don't have to do bank verifications


  • Not all payment methods are supported.
  • A gambling commission does not safeguard you
  • Some games may be absent
  • The payment process could sometimes be longer

Guide: Compare unlicensed online casinos for Canadian players

It will be difficult to find the right no license casinos and enjoy the numerous benefits if you don't know where to begin your search. Therefore, ABC has created a step-by-step guide that will help you compare and find the best option.
Estimated time needed: 00:06 Tools needed: Casinogrizzly’ no license casino listsLaptop Supply needed: MoneyInternet
Guide Compare unlicensed online casinos for Canadian players step 1
Navigate Casinogrizzly list Go through the list of no license casinos on ABC’s list and choose one that you like. Step 1
Guide Compare unlicensed online casinos for Canadian players step 2
Register and claim your bonus Compare your options, streamline them to the best one, and then register and remember to claim your bonus. Step 2
Guide Compare unlicensed online casinos for Canadian players step 3
Play and have fun! After you have claimed a bonus, choose your favourite game, and if you are lucky, you will win real money. Remember to have fun! Step 3

Alternatives to no license casinos

Instead of the local license, online casinos may choose to be licensed by alternative regulatory bodies. These bodies will keep their activities in check and ensure that players are safe and enjoy a fair gaming experience. A few of the leading options include:

  1. MGA license: The MGA is one of the best regulatory bodies in the business and is extremely popular today. It is referred to as the Malta Gaming Authority. And since this body has a reputation to uphold, it does not just give any only casino its license without carrying out checks to make sure players are secure and safe on the casino website. If you see this seal, you can rest assured that you are safe.
  2. Curacao: The Curacao Gaming Authority is another body that has been around for a while. It may not be as effective as the Malta Gaming Authority, but it still ensures players’ safety. Online casinos that want a license from this authority will have to undergo frequent checks and offer fair and responsible gaming to players.
  3. Gibraltar: This licensing body is another efficient one that makes online casinos after their license go through rigorous tests. The online casino must show proof that players will enjoy fast gameplay and payouts. Also, the online casino must provide a business plan and be ready to use a bank in Gibraltar to carry out transactions.
  4. Isle of Man: This is the gaming control board that operates in the Isle of man. Its first license was issued in 2001 and has a great track record for keeping online casinos in check. This authority makes certain that gambling is fair and players get their winnings when due. A license from the Isle of Man is very reputable regarding legitimacy and safety, and it is one of the licensing bodies approved by the UK.
  5. Alderney Gambling Control Commission: This is another casino license provider that knows its way around the industry. Any casino that requires a license from this body must go through rigorous hurdles. The casino must meet international standards and follow specific rules. It must also provide its software for regular tests and frequent reports of its game offering and the RTP. The casino must also have a digital clock added to their platform to help monitor player gambling and ensure responsible gaming.
  6. Kahnawake Gaming Commission: This licensing authority has been in existence for a long time. It is popular because of its affordable licensing fees, but this does not mean that it compromises quality. It still ensures responsible gameplay and enforces player fairness among its licensees.

Casino bonus offers at casinos without license

A no verification casino is aware that it does not have a local license and needs to do more to attract players. To do this, they turn to bonus offers because every player likes free stuff. Unlike the licensed casino counterparts, the bonuses offered by unlicensed casinos are larger and more profitable to players. Some of the most common bonus offers in these casinos are covered below.

Signup & Welcome bonus

There is hardly an online casino that does not offer a welcome and signup bonus. This bonus is what makes many players register on specific platforms. It is mainly targeted at new players, and they are credited immediately after signing up and making an initial deposit. The welcome bonus can come in many forms, including cash bonus, free spins, and many more. For instance, a casino may offer you 10 free spins as a welcome bonus after signing up. However, this bonus may come with a wagering requirement that must be fulfilled to withdraw earnings.

Free spins & no deposit free spins

A free spin bonus is exactly as the name implies. Here, the casino gives you a specific number of free spins to play slot games of your choice. There are instances when the casino indicates the slot game you will use free spins on, while other times, it can be used on any game you choose. For instance, a no license casino may offer you the free spins in this manner “Sign up today and get 40 free spins to play Starburst.” With free spins, you can check out a new game, create new strategies, and even win real money.

No deposit bonuses

The no deposit bonus code is common in both licensed and unlicensed casinos. Here, the casino offers you a bonus without depositing any money, which is the case with many other bonuses. Instead, you are immediately offered your bonus as soon as you complete the registration process.

This bonus could come in the form of free spins, cash prizes, etc. But they usually have a wagering requirement attached, so you may want to read the terms and conditions before accepting.

Loyalty & VIP bonuses

Existing players are not left out when it comes to bonuses, and one of the main bonuses targeted at these users are loyalty and VIP bonuses. Players who have shown consistency and loyalty by playing for real money in an unlicensed casino are rewarded with these bonuses. Players who are offered these bonuses and bumped to the VIP section enjoy amazing prizes like gifts, cash prizes, trips, etc.

High Roller bonus

Not every player spends the same amount of money in online casinos. Some players tend to spend way more than others consistently. In fact, they enjoy the risk that comes with making massive bets. These players are known as high rollers, and because they spend a lot of money in online casinos, the casino rewards them with the high roller bonus. The aim is to get them to keep playing, and the casino does this by providing access to exclusive customer service, fast cashback, bonus prizes, etc.

How to figure is licensed or not

Not many online casinos can afford a European license or other local licenses. This is majorly because of the huge price tag attached. Some license providers require very expensive renewal fees, which they usually point out in the terms and conditions. And to make matters worse, some local licenses charge taxes to the revenue of online casinos.

All of these cause many online casinos to stay unlicensed instead. The great news is that you can easily tell if an online casino is licensed or not following the steps below:

Tax rules on winnings

Taxes make a major aspect of the GDP in most countries, and therefore, the government enforces these taxes. One of the areas taxes are enforced is online gambling since it is a sector that has a huge influx of cash. Many gamblers are unhappy with paying taxes on winnings, but it is a law, and it is enforced regardless.

Nonetheless, many players today would rather play in a casino without ID so they can hold on to their winnings without the need to pay tax. This is legal since players in international casinos don’t get taxed on their winnings. Here, we will list out a few countries that tax winnings and those that don’t. This way, you will be able to make a better decision regarding where you play.

Countries with No Tax on Winnings

Countries with Tax on Winnings

IP blocking

Governments in specific countries depend on various tools to prevent players from playing in online casinos. Some of these include IP blocking and payment blocking, which both serve different purposes but both aimed at the same goal.

The first is IP blocking used by mostly government and online casinos where gambling is illegal to make certain that players in particular locations are unable to play. In such instances, the player won’t be able to open the online casino website if they input the link in the URL. The online casinos use software that monitors IP addresses and blocks them, especially when they have no license in the country and plan to get it later. The government, on the other hand, uses it to enforce any regulation that prevents online gambling.

Casinos and players also use payment blocking to restrict players from playing. Here, the player will be unable to make any payment on the platform, which means they can’t play. This is also a great tool for players who cannot gamble responsibly and want to check their gambling activities.

Deposit methods at unlicensed casinos

Unlicensed casinos understand that players want to quickly deposit money, play their favourite games, and enjoy fast withdrawals. That is why it offers players a variety of reputable payment methods that allow players to achieve this. Some of the major payment methods you can find include PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and many more. In most cases, deposits are instant with these methods, while withdrawal time varies depending on the casino.

New casinos without Canada license in 2022

Online casinos without licenses have been around for a while and don’t seem like they will stop anytime soon. The licensing fees paid by casinos to get the local license is not reducing, and most unlicensed casinos provide players with what they want. These include amazing bonus offers, fast payment, and the ability to play from any country without boundaries – so long as gambling is legal.

As of 2020, unregulated casinos were starting to get popular, and their popularity rose even more as players started to recognize them. By 2022, we should see many more of these casinos as they gain more recognition.

Casino License Games / slots Launch year

Conclusion: Why pick no license casinos?

You can do no wrong by playing in European casinos. These casinos offer you more exclusive bonuses and more games than you would get in a licensed casino. This is because some game providers tend to avoid licensed markets because of the extremely high standards and instead stick with the unlicensed casino market.

What’s more, these casinos have a wider reach since they are not restricted by any local license. They hold licenses from reputable licensing authorities that allow them to operate in various regions like the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Gaming, and many others.

However, this does not imply that you should just choose any no license casinos you come across. It is still important that you do proper research before settling for an option since there are many fraudulent online casinos out there. To save yourself the stress, you can easily pick one of the recommended options on ABC’s list as they ensure you enjoy all the benefits to the fullest. If you need any more help, ABC is here to guide you to make the right choice.

Frequently asked questions about casinos without license

How can a casino not have a casino license?

A casino can’t have a license if it does not get a local license to operate in a specific country. Instead, it uses a license from other bodies like the MGA and Curacao. So, technically it has a license, just not a local license.

Are no licensed casinos scamming me?

No, they are not, as they are still regulated. However, there are some fraudulent options out there that may want to scam you, so it's best to stick to ABC's list of foreign casinos; you can be sure of your safety with them.

Is it legal to play in casinos without a license?

Yes, it is legal to play in casinos without a license. So long as the casino does not host its website in a specific country, you can play without running into problems with the law. However, this is the case if online gambling is not illegal in the said country.

Is it safe and secure to play on casinos without a license?

Yes, it is safe and secure to play on no licensed casinos. However, this is only the case if you play on reliable options like the one provided by ABC. They are properly regulated by bodies that will ensure you are always safe.

Can I use VISA & MasterCard at all unlicensed casinos?

Visa and MasterCard are some of the most common methods of payment in online casinos. However, they may not work for no license casinos because these platforms prefer to work with locally licensed casinos since the cards will be from the said country.

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