Advertising Disclosure


This page aims to provide details concerning our advertisement disclosure and policies concerning how this website generates revenue. As always stated, CasinoGrizzly believes in being transparent in all our dealings, ensuring we always show factual, unbiased, and accurate information concerning online casinos. This same transparency extends to our advertising policies and how revenue is generated on our website. Hopefully, this article will go into detail, providing a better understanding of our operations. accepts advertising; however, we ensure a clear and strict separation between editorial content and advertising. To achieve this, we pay close attention to advertising in a manner that doesn’t interfere with users’ reading experience. This involves page design and the number of adverts placed on any particular article.

How we make money

The most effective way to ensure CasinoGrizzly remains free and continues to offer great content is to collaborate with partners and advertisers that aim to meet a particular target audience. The partnerships take various forms, which we will attempt to explain as best as possible. It is imperative to highlight that these partnerships, sponsorships and advertorial content do not influence the information or content we provide to users. Our first priority, as always, is to keep users informed, satisfied, and engaged with the site. We understand that without the users visiting the site daily, we would have no business.

This is why it is essential that CasinoGrizzly has editorial independence and refrains from spreading false information, especially when it deals with recommendations, reviews, article content and any lists highlighted on our site. With that in mind, we engage in the following partnerships and advertising collaborations:

Affiliate links to partners
When you visit our website via any article, it will contain a list of various online casinos. We have an affiliate agreement with some of the highlighted casinos, meaning we receive a commission for every site user that signs up for the online casino using our affiliate link. Our affiliate agreements take various formats and come with an array of terms and conditions; however, the major thing to note is that we earn a commission.

Comparison lists displaying partners

As stated above, most of our articles come with a comparison table or list highlighting the various online casinos. The online casino providers listed are ones that closely match the search query a user might make. For example, if a user searches for online casino sites that accept Bitcoin, we can only list those that have Bitcoin as one of their payment methods. This order in which the providers are highlighted can depend on any advertising agreements we have with them.

This, however, doesn’t mean we start to list online casinos with bad reviews. What it does mean is that the best-paying partners will place higher in the comparison tables or lists, so long as their operations match user search queries. It is important to add that the editorial team does not select these online casinos.

Position sales on the website

Regarding the tables or lists highlighted on our website, we sometimes sell a particular position to a pre-determined ad partner. When this happens, it will be clearly stated using a “Sponsored” tag. This tag ensures that users are fully aware that the position is a sponsored one. When we sell these positions, we receive a fixed commission even if users do not click.

Conclusion of disclosure

As explained in this Advertising Disclosure, we at CasinoGrizzly want you to be fully aware that we generate revenue by earning a commission on this website. This revenue model continually provides free information and great content to each of our users without compromising our high editorial standards. This ensures we remain a transparent, independent and unbiased comparison site for every user’s benefit.

FAQs: Advertising disclosure

How does the platform earn money?

We make money by earning a small commission from the affiliate links listed on our website. An online casino pays us a small commission every time a player clicks on the aforementioned company’s affiliate link. This revenue stream enables us to pay staff salaries, maintain the site and afford reinvestments to improve the website.

Are your casino comparisons 100% unbiased?

Yes. While our content does feature online casinos that pay us commissions via affiliate links, these casinos do not have any editorial power over our content. This clear demarcation means that our readers can always get online casino reviews, among other content that is free from bias and honest.

Do you earn cash from comparison lists?

As stated above, we earn money from affiliate links. Nevertheless, we simply determine which Canadian online casinos are featured higher up and more heavily on the lists. This is determined by the amount they are willing to offer us in commission. You can find more information about this in the article above. » Advertising Disclosure
Last updated: 24/07/2023