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Responsible Gambling in Canada

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Gambling addiction is a problem many people face today. This is mostly because they were not introduced early to the concept of responsible gaming. And the worst part about gambling addiction is that most people experiencing this issue are not aware until it has caused irreversible damage to their lives.

To ensure this does not happen to you, the experts at Casinogrizzly have put together everything you need to know about gambling addiction. You will learn about what it means and how to determine if you are dealing with an addiction. When you are done, you will also learn about tips that can help and how to game responsibly.

What is a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is also referred to as compulsive gambling, pathological gambling, or gambling disorder. It is when a person has an uncontrollable desire to keep on gambling even when it is affecting their lives negatively.

Gambling is fun and has a way of stimulating the reward system of the brain like alcohol and drugs, which can lead to addiction. People who have a gambling addiction may amass debts, hide their behavior, exhaust their savings, or even engage in criminal activities to feed their addiction.

However, it is possible to have a gambling problem while still maintaining control. Problem gambling or gambling addiction encompasses any gambling activity that disrupts the normal flow of your life. So long as you are spending so much time gambling, not regarding its impact on your life; then you may be dealing with a gambling problem.

Sometimes, gambling addiction is linked with other mood and behavior disorders. And tons of problem gamblers also deal with stress, substance abuse problems, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. It will be important for people in this category to deal with these underlying problems too, if they want to correct their gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction signs and symptoms

In most instances, people dealing with a gambling problem do everything to keep their condition hidden. But this condition is not easy to hide. This is because the person with a problem will want to always want to feed their addiction by betting in online casinos and gambling even at home. These are usually some of the signs that are easy to spot.

Regardless, many people easily hide their problem gambling condition from those around them. And it is only evident that they have a gambling problem after considerable damage has been done. In worse cases, some may lose their jobs, crash their relationships, and even exhaust their live savings.

Fortunately, there are symptoms that you can display which can tell you if you have gambling addiction or not. They include:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) states that a person must display 4 or more of the symptoms stated above within 12 months before being categorized as a gambling addict. However, to get a more accurate result, it is paramount that you get a medical diagnosis from a mental health expert or professional. These individuals can help determine if you are dealing with a gambling addiction or another mental health issue.

Common Types of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is not the same for everyone, and it can come in various forms. The first step to getting treatment for this problem is determining the type of gambling addiction you have. The following are the common types:

Self-help for gambling problems

If you have a gambling problem, the first step to getting help is to accept that you have a problem. When you do this, you can then begin the steps to break free from the vicious cycle of gambling addiction. There are many steps that can help you achieve this, including:

Dealing with gambling cravings

When you are trying to stop something you are addicted to, you may sometimes experience cravings. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to deal with cravings:

Gambling addiction treatment

If you have tried self-help options and they do not seem to work, there are treatment options available. They include:

There are tons of therapies available for gamblers that range from group-based recovery to intensive treatments. Since the options are numerous, you will need to do your research to find the ideal one for you. The following are the most common options available if you decide to go with therapy:

Some medications can help minimize the symptoms that come with gambling addictions. Examples of these include antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Some antidepressants can minimize gambling urges, while drugs used for treating drug addictions can aid some people dealing with compulsive gambling.

How to help someone else stop gambling

Sometimes it may not be you dealing with the addiction but someone you know. This could be a family friend or loved one, and it is only normal that you would want to help them get past it. However, trying to assist someone close to you to get past a gambling addiction can be extremely difficult, except the person in question chooses to free himself/herself.

The easiest way to get a gambling addict to want to seek change is to let them see the impact of gambling on their lives. Even though their gambling problem may be troubling you, it is best not to judge but instead show love and optimism throughout the process. Continuous confrontation with family members and loved ones is a great way to help gamblers get past their addiction.

You can also seek the help of experts that help gamblers to accelerate the process. These experts are better equipped to help your loved one to overcome their gambling addiction. One of such organizations you can reach out to is the Alberta Problem Gambling Resources Network on 1-866-461-1259. If you are dealing with the case of a loved one who is experiencing suicidal tendencies, you can reach the Canada Suicide Prevention Service helpline at 1-833-456-4566.

Our advice to responsible gambling

Safe gambling is a fun activity, but it can easily become addictive. When gambling becomes more of a necessity for you to survive, it might be a clear sign that you have an issue. To help ensure you don’t fall into this situation, we have put together a few tips that can help you gamble responsibly. They include:

Gambling is not all negative, depending on how you use it. We at ABC believe in responsible gaming, which is why we have a responsible gambling policy. Please gamble responsibly so that it remains the entertaining activity it is.

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