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Top Mobile Casinos in Canada in 2022

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If you want to know everything there is to know about mobile casinos, then you’re in the right place. This guide is all about mobile casinos and covers everything from how they work to what casino games you can play at them.

Today, it’s hard to find an online casino in Canada that isn’t mobile compatible, and great casino apps appear every month. However, the large number of available mobile casinos makes it hard to find the right one; fortunately, CasinoGrizzly has got you covered. We’ve found the best mobile casinos in Canada and listed them below, along with other information you need to know.

Best Mobile Casinos in Canada

What are Mobile Casinos?

A mobile casino is an online casino that works on mobile devices. Usually, when you want to play at an online casino, you use your desktop computer. However, you can play on your smartphone or tablet with a mobile casino, assuming it runs on compatible software like iOS or Android.

Mobile casinos mean you can conveniently play on your smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads, anywhere, at any time. In addition to the convenience, you also enjoy access to exclusive bonuses like welcome bonuses and free spins at a mobile casino. The only difference from regular online casinos is that mobile casinos are adapted in appearance to fit a smaller screen.

New Mobile Casinos in Canada

Online casinos have started to see how popular mobile casino apps are among players, causing them to develop mobile platforms. As a result, you will find tons of new mobile casinos arriving in Canada daily.

Since these casinos are new on the market, they tend to include modern features and offer better bonuses than their counterparts. However, you still need to exercise caution before choosing new mobile phone casinos; many may be unlicensed, and some may not have user-friendly apps or mobile platforms, which can make gambling difficult.

Pros & Cons: Playing at Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are handy and have plenty of benefits, but this doesn't mean they are without flaws. Evaluating the pros and cons when deciding if a mobile casino is right for you is crucial, so we've compiled the advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Enjoy amazing bonuses
  • Play from any location
  • Have an amazing game experience
  • Some casinos have mobile apps, which makes gaming easy


  • Limited graphics depending on the device
  • Some games may be unavailable
  • Some players may not like the small screen
  • A few features may be absent

How to Get Started and Claim a Mobile Casino Bonus

Asides from sign-up bonuses, mobile casinos offer bonuses to existing players too. These include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and more. Here are some steps on how to get started at a mobile casino and claim a bonus.
Estimated time needed: 00:04 Tools needed: CasinoGrizzly listLaptop Supply needed: MoneyInternet
Locate a mobile casino
Locate a mobile casino Navigate CasinoGrizzly’s list of mobile casinos to find one with an appealing sign-up bonus. Step 1
Make your first deposit
Make your first deposit Choose your payment option and make your first deposit Step 2
Claim your bonus
Claim your bonus After making a deposit, you'll be able to claim a bonus. Check out the bonus terms and conditions before claiming one to ensure that you find the best option. Step 3
Play and try to win big
Play and try to win big! Now you can play a game and potentially win big - Good luck! Step 4

Mobile Casino Slots & Live Casino Games

Mobile slots are the mobile version of the typical slot games in online casinos. Mobile slots are tailored to fit your phone screen, and most casinos offer mobile-compatible slot games.

These slot games come in numerous varieties, and you will find popular 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, video slots, and more available. Top developers power the mobile slot games in the industry like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Playtech, and Thunderkick.

The same applies to live casino games too. Most live casino games work flawlessly on mobile casinos and offer you an experience like the one you would get in a land-based casino. Live casinos consist of actual dealers, and casino tables, with the option of interacting with players and dealers.

In addition to the above, there are many popular table games that you can play at the best mobile casinos, including:

The reality is that regardless of the type of game you enjoy in online casinos, there is a mobile equivalent for you to play.

Get the Best Mobile Casino Bonuses and Bonus Codes

Mobile casinos offer amazing bonuses like welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, VIP bonuses, and many more. There are even bonuses exclusive to mobile casinos, but you will need to play at a mobile casino if you want to enjoy these bonuses.

In most instances, your bonus is credited the moment you sign up and make a deposit. But many mobile casinos in Canada require you to input a bonus code to access these bonuses. Think of the bonus code as a key that unlocks the door to the store holding the prize; you need to enter the code on the casino website or mobile app to reap the rewards. Unfortunately, bonus codes are not easy to find; luckily, at CasinoGrizzly, you can find the best mobile bonus codes so that you don’t need to search for them.

How Do You Cash Out Winnings on Mobile Casinos?

You may wonder if it is possible to withdraw your casino earnings on a mobile device. Fortunately, withdrawing your earnings from the best online mobile casinos is extremely easy as you can use the same payment methods that work in online casinos.

To withdraw from a mobile casino, follow these steps:

Most online casinos for mobile prefer you use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. However, this is not possible with options like pay by mobile, as these only support deposits, not withdrawals.

Withdrawal Options for Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos come with numerous options for withdrawal. This will ensure that you can easily withdraw your funds after playing and winning at your favourite casino. Most mobile casinos offer a range of withdrawal options, including:

In most cases, withdrawals take between 0-2 days. However, methods like bank and wire transfers may take up to 5 working days. To enjoy speedy transactions, you should stick with options like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Nonetheless, any of these options will ensure you get your earnings in a reasonable time.

Mobile App or Browser – What Suits You Best for Casino Games?

Anyone who wants to play at a mobile casino has two options which are:

Both of these options are great. If you choose to go with a mobile browser, it means you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for an app and installing it on your device, which can take up space on your phone. Instead, you open your web browser and type the casino URL in the address bar like on a PC. Once the casino site loads, you can play your games without issues.

Nowadays, mobile apps seem the best option for many players. There are apps available for Android and iOS devices, which players can find in their respective app stores. If you decide to play using the mobile app, you stand to enjoy a range of benefits. Here are a few of them:

Speed and stability

If you play at a casino using a mobile app, you will enjoy a more stable and fast gaming experience. This is because mobile apps are designed solely for gameplay, while the web browser needs to render the game. This means if there is a slight fluctuation in the network, you may experience issues in the browser version. But in the mobile app, interruptions are less likely to occur.

App bonuses

Most online casinos offer you numerous bonuses simply for downloading the mobile applications. These bonuses are usually inaccessible to other users unless they download the app. This is not something you can benefit from by using a mobile web browser to play at the casino.

Easy login

It is much easier to log into a casino using an app as you only need to hit the sign-in button and continue from where you left off. However, if you are using the web browser, you will need to enter a lot more information every time you want to play.

Easy tournament registration

With a mobile application, you can simply tap to register for tournaments, but this is not the same with a web browser. Competing in tournaments via your mobile browser involves a few extra steps.

Comparing Apple & Android Mobile Casinos

Both Apple and Android devices allow you to play on mobile casinos, and each option has benefits and drawbacks. For some people, there is no choice since you may only have one mobile device. However, if you own both iOS and Android devices, you may be unsure which one to use for mobile casino play.

The first thing to consider is whether you prefer the Android or iOS interface since both have their own quirks and advantages. Another critical factor to take into account is the fact that there are more mobile apps for Android than for iOS. This is because Apple made some adjustments to its guidelines recently, and now developers need to add native iOS code in addition to HTML5  to their apps for graphics rendering. Moreover, the developer will need to be licensed in the country it wants the app to function to be available on the App Store.

Even though these new rules are great, it can be somewhat limiting and expensive for companies to create apps on Apple which is why Android apps are more dominant. However, some mobile casinos don’t have apps for Android. Fortunately, this is not a significant problem as you can download the app onto your Android device in another manner using the steps below:

Return the settings to default after you’ve installed the app to ensure your device is safe from malware and hackers. After the installation, you can begin playing the games of your choice.

Mobile casinos for Android

There are numerous mobile casinos available for Android devices. You can find out if your preferred casino has a mobile option by visiting the website or searching in the Google Play Store.

iPhone Casinos

There are tons of mobile casinos for iPhones. You can use the safari browser to play at your favourite mobile casino since few casino apps are available in the App Store. However, if you don’t manage to download a native app, the game experience shouldn’t differ too much from what you’d experience on a regular casino site.

Find Your Favourite Mobile Casino Today

If you have finally decided to play at a mobile casino, the next step is to find one that suits all of your needs. There are many mobile casinos out there, with new ones being released each day, so it can be hard to find the best casino. Plus, if you choose the wrong casino, you may experience issues and run into problems.

To find the best casino for your needs and fast, you can simply check out the list of mobile casinos recommended by us. They are safe, secure, offer fantastic bonuses, and are licensed by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Sign up at any of the mobile casinos we recommend and start playing for real money today!

FAQs: Mobile Casinos

Are mobile casinos free?

Yes, mobile casinos are free to download, and no extra charges are included. You enjoy fantastic exclusive bonuses when you download a mobile casino, especially one of the options on our list. However, you'll need to deposit money to play at mobile casinos.

What are the best Pay-By-Phone methods?

Some mobile casinos accept the pay-by-mobile phone bill deposit option. With this option, you can pay with your phone, and the deposit is charged to your next mobile bill cycle. Some of the best options include Zimpler, Trustly, and Boku.

Can I use the same casino account on mobile as on my computer?

Absolutely! The mobile casino app allows you to log into your regular online casino account. This means the same account on your PC can work on your mobile device without issues.

Do mobile casinos have the same games as regular online casinos?

Yes, they do. Many of the games you will find in regular online casinos are also available on your mobile devices. However, some games are not supported on mobile devices.

Is it safe to play at a mobile casino?

Yes, it is extremely safe to play at a mobile casino as long as you visit the website via your browser or use an official mobile casino app.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is an advanced barcode that consists of black and white squares. You can use your mobile phone to scan this code and the mobile casino will immediately appear.

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