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This article is for you if you’re searching for an excellent betting bonus. At CasinoGrizzly, we understand how hard it can be to find the best bonuses at reliable bookmakers. For this reason, we’ve compiled an extensive list of all the free bets and betting bonuses you can find at online Canada sites.

Not only will you come across excellent betting bonuses in this guide, but you’ll also find some fantastic tips and tricks to help you understand how to use these bonuses. Find out what you need to know below.

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What is a Betting Bonus?

Betting bonuses are promotional offers that you find on betting websites. Usually, you will need to deposit at the bookmaker site before you can claim the betting bonus. With this bonus, you can make larger bets and win more money.

You can find betting offers at the best online sportsbooks, but these bonuses tend to have wagering requirements attached, which you must fulfill before withdrawing your bonus earnings. This makes it crucial to evaluate the bonus by reading the wagering terms and conditions before claiming it. At some sportsbooks, the wagering requirements may be very strict, making it hard to withdraw your bonus, while others may be more relaxed.

CasinoGrizzly has done the hard work for you and compiled lists of betting site bonuses with easy-to-fulfill wagering requirements.

What are Free Bets?

A free bet is an offer you can claim at leading betting platforms. As the name implies, free bet no deposit bonuses let you make bets for free without using your own money. Best of all, if you win money with a free bet, you can withdraw your winnings immediately if you fulfill the requirements attached.

Free bets are a win-win situation for both betting sites and gamblers in Canada. Bookmakers use this bonus to boost customer loyalty, while players enjoy wagering for free and winning real money. The free bets are similar to the welcome betting bonus offers at online casinos, and players can enjoy these as soon as they register on the betting platform.

However, there are some conditions attached to free bets. For example, you may be unable to claim your entire winnings from the stake. Also, not all online betting platforms will offer these bets, and some may be unavailable if you use mobile apps for betting sites.

Different Types of  Betting Bonuses

The great part about free bets and bonuses is that they vary. You will have various options depending on the sportsbook or betting platform you gamble at. Every free bet and betting bonus has a different purpose and gives players a unique reward. This is why it is crucial to understand these bets and what you can get from them. Fortunately, CasinoGrizzly has outlined some of the common types of free bets and betting bonuses below.

Matched Free Bets

Bookmakers offer a matched free bet to new players and match any amount they deposit at the casino. For instance, the offer may be “bet $30 and get $30 free.” This type of free bet is usually offered to new players and only applies to a special event or match.

Matched Deposit Bonus

The matched deposit bonus is similar to matched free bets. A sportsbook may have a matched deposit offer of 100% up to $50. This means if you deposit more than $50, you’ll still only receive a $50 bonus.

No Deposit Betting Bonus

The free bet no deposit betting bonus is one you get immediately after registering at a betting platform, meaning you don’t need to make a deposit. This bonus can be a free bet or cash. This type of bonus is ideal for players who want to try out a betting platform without investing their money. However, like most bonus offers, it will come with wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before withdrawing earnings.

Profit Boost

This bonus offer is popular among new users. As the name indicates, the casino boosts your earnings by a specific percentage. This bonus is typically attached to selected sports but does allow you to make larger bets than you usually would, improving your overall payouts.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are some of the most popular free bets and betting bonuses you can find today. Here, you receive a refund (up to a specific amount) for any cash you lose when wagering at the sportsbook. So, if the betting platform has a risk-free bet offer of up to $50, you will be refunded that amount if you wager and lose. Unlike many of the other bonuses we have discussed, this betting bonus is available only to existing players.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus offer is similar to the risk-free bet. Here, the sportsbook or online casino refunds a percentage of the money you lose up to a specific amount. This is a great way to get back some of the cash you have lost playing your favourite game.
It also goes by the name refund bonus.

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Why You Should Choose a Betting Bonus

You may be wondering what the benefits of choosing a free bet or betting bonus are. Well, there are plenty of benefits. You can play at a bookmaker for free, try out new games, or make larger bets than you initially would. Free bet bonuses also allow you to earn higher payouts. Still not convinced? Read on.

You can try out a new bookmaker

There are many bookmakers today, and it can be challenging, especially for new players, to choose the one they like. The worst part is that betting can quickly become tedious if you register at a bookmaker you don’t like. Many players have rushed to register at a betting site only to realize that the platform isn’t for them.

By using a free bet or betting bonus offer, you can play at a betting site for free without investing any cash. If you like the bookmaker, you can continue making bets after that using the bonus – but if you don’t, move on to the next one without losing any money!

Get some extra money for the big game

If you have a good gut feeling about a bet, and want to increase your chances of a big payout, then a free bet or betting bonus is a great way to do so. You can get extra cash to top up your wager with a free bet or betting bonus.

Not only do betting bonuses allow you to make a larger bet, but they also reduce the possibility of losing more funds. If your bet doesn’t go according to plan, you don’t need to regret using all of your money, as you’ll likely have used the betting bonus instead; therefore, it isn’t your money you’re losing.

Pros & Cons: Free Bets & Betting Bonuses

There are many benefits of using free bets and betting bonus offers. However, before you choose a bonus, you need to consider any disadvantages. We've compiled the pros and cons below to help you decide if betting bonuses are for you.


  • You can try out bookmarkers for free
  • Play your favourite games for free
  • You make larger wagers
  • Minimize your chances of losing more money


  • They usually have wagering requirements
  • Free bets are restricted to specific games
  • Some free bets and betting bonuses have time limits
  • There can be cashout limits

How to Find and Pick the Best Free Bets and Betting Bonuses

There are plenty of free bets and bonuses you can find online. However, no two are the same, and some are better than others. Below, we have compiled a few tips to help you find and choose the best free bookie bets and betting bonuses.
Estimated time needed: 00:04 Tools needed: CasinoGrizzly's list Supply needed: Money
Find a reliable bookmaker
Find a reliable bookmaker Numerous betting platforms and bookmarkers claim to be the best online. CasinoGrizzly has vetted these platforms so that you can find the best sportsbook. Simply browse the lists above and choose one. Step 1
Compare the free bets and betting bonuses on offer
Compare the free bets and betting bonuses on offer Look at the different bets and bonuses on offer at the sportsbook you select. Many betting sites offer multiple free bets at one time so you can choose one you like the most. Step 2
Sign up and play casino and do sports betting
Sign up and have fun with your bonus After signing up at the sportsbook, claim your bonus and start having fun! Step 3

Always Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions

Attractive bonuses may sometimes come with hidden terms and conditions, which can lead to you losing money if you’re not careful. To avoid this, you must thoroughly read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting one. Below are a few things to take note of when reading bonus terms.

Minimum Odds

Minimum odds tend to be attached to free bets. You will have to wager on bets with specific odds to use the bonus. You don’t qualify for the bonus if you fail to do this.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times you will need to wager deposits and bonuses before withdrawing your earnings. Make sure you check this out because it can determine how soon you can access your bonus winnings.

Specific events

Sometimes a bonus will only be available for use at a specific event. For instance, a bonus may only allow you to bet on Champion’s League matches.

Cap on winnings

This is another critical part of bonus conditions. Sometimes a bonus may have a maximum winning limit, meaning you can’t win beyond a specific amount. Even if you win more than the stipulated amount, withdrawing it all will be impossible.

Find the Best Betting Bonuses Today!

By now, you already know that betting bonuses offer numerous benefits. You can use them easily, and they let you play games for free or try out new bookmakers without investing your money. However, these expectations are only a reality if you bet at a licensed and reputable bookmaker like those on the CasinoGrizzly list.

Check out our recommendations above for access to the best betting bonuses at Canadian online casinos. Choose a bookmaker that suits your needs, and then claim the available bonuses to get your bets off to a good start. Good luck!

FAQs: Betting Bonuses

Are free bets and bonuses legal?

Free bets and bonuses are legit if you play at a licensed and reputable bookmaker or sportsbook. Unlicensed bookmarkers may offer fraudulent bonuses and refuse to pay out your winnings at the appropriate time. You can check out our list of recommended free bets and betting bonuses for legit and reliable options.

How fast can I get my free bet?

In most cases, you get your free bets as soon as you register on the platform. If the sportsbook uses a code, you may be required to fill it in to access the bonus, while some may need you to contact customer support.

Can I get free bets for football?

Certainly! Many Canadian players love football, so bookmakers and sportsbooks offer a variety of free football bets for new and existing players. Our list consists of the best free football bets available.

What can I use my free bet and betting bonus for?

You can use your free bets and betting bonuses for many things. First, you can use it to test bookmarkers or play new games. You can also use it to make larger bets and win an enormous reward.

Can I withdraw potential winnings from a free bet?

Certainly! Free bets don’t just mean you bet for free. It also means that you can withdraw your earnings if you win. However, free bets tend to have wagering requirements and conditions you must fulfill before withdrawing your earnings. You will find this in the terms and conditions.

Who can use free bets and betting bonuses?

Anybody who registers at an online sportsbook and bookmarker can get free bets and betting bonuses. In most situations, they are usually provided immediately after registration. However, some free bets and betting bonuses are offered to existing players who have spent a lot of money on the platform.

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