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CasinoGrizzly is an independent knowledge source for Canadians interested in learning more about online casinos in Canada. This website aims to provide accurate information and educate players, enabling them to select the online casinos they want to play at. To achieve this, we offer accurate casino guides, reviews, helpful tips, and other relevant information concerning any particular online casino—this can include games, support, payment options, wagering requirements, bonus terms and more.

This presents a truly interesting journey as we are a leading online casino affiliate company with global reach. This global reach means we are always on the lookout for new talent. We have an editorial team that welcomes expert designers, fact-checkers, editors, writers and reviewers. You should get in touch if you have the prerequisite experience and an interest in the Canadian online casino industry. is a spirited workplace where passion and creativity are encouraged. If you are interested in the gambling industry, technology, and journalism, then CasinoGrizzly might be the place for you!

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Lead Content Editor at CasinoGrizzly (Full-time)

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CasinoGrizzly freelance job positions available

Freelance Writer at CasinoGrizzly (Remote)

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Freelance Photographer at CasinoGrizzly (Remote)

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Why join our team?

The different types of online gambling companies

The online casino and iGaming industry has various components, so much so that it can be quite confusing. To help cut out the confusion, here is a quick overview:


Affiliates is the term given to a publisher that operates a site like CasinoGrizzly or conducts some form of marketing for certain operators. A site operated by an affiliate will essentially offer information concerning the casino operators. Consequently, when a player signs up for an online casino using an affiliate link, the casino operator pays a tiny commission.


The term operator is given to brands that provide sports betting and online casino games. This includes live casino games, craps, betting, bongo, poker and slot machines. An operator site is where a player registers their account and makes a deposit to begin playing online casino games.

Game providers

The term game provider is given to companies that create online casino games such as digital roulette tables and slot machines. They can also create the required betting odds for a particular sporting event. The games made by these providers are then licensed by operators who pay a fee to the game providers every time their game gets played on the operator’s site.

Payment Providers

Banks, financial services and e-wallets make up the payment providers that operators use to transfer money out of and into their sites. Every player must make a deposit to the operator, and that payment is facilitated by the payment provider, who processes the transaction.


Regulators are non-governmental and governmental entities that regulate and oversee the iGaming industry. These entities are also responsible for issuing operators the necessary licenses to provide sports betting and games of chance to players. These entities can also act as a mediator in operator-player disputes.

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Are you still interested in applying for a role at If so, then wonderful! We look forward to hearing from you. Please send an application containing our Resume and a cover letter via the Contact Us form.

FAQs: Careers at CasinoGrizzly

Do you work with freelancers based outside Canada?

Yes, we are always searching for the very best talent from all over the world. Nevertheless, we prefer native English speakers, especially those that currently live or have lived in Canada, for writing roles. This is because the English language has various subtleties, only present in certain regions. Furthermore, certain phrases and idioms will only make sense to a Canadian. For other roles, time zone differences play a part; however, we are willing to accommodate the right candidate.

What are the main benefits of working at CasinoGrizzly?

We have already highlighted the major advantages of working with CasinoGrizzly; however, it bears repeating. The combination of a startup mentality, flat hierarchy and collaborative spirit are what set us apart from other brands. Additionally, full-time staff get a generous vacation allowance, including Canadian public holidays. You also receive on-the-job training and flexible work hours.

Do you have part-time roles as well as full-time?

We run a flexible work environment at CasinoGrizzly, so there will be times when certain part-time roles will be required. The availability of said roles will depend on the freelancer contract and the responsibility of the role required at the time.

If you want to stay abreast of any potential openings, you can check this page frequently, as it will be the first source for any short-term or part-time roles offered. CasinoGrizzly is growing, so expect this page to become busier over time. Interested in a role? Check this page to see any of our open positions for information.

Can I send a speculative application to CasinoGrizzly?

Go right ahead! If we do not have an open role that interests you at the moment, you are more than welcome to send speculative applications—anything can happen! We are constantly on the lookout for top talent, and your unique skills might just be what we are looking for. When you send an application, be sure to include a resume and a cover letter, as well as why you believe you are a great fit for CasinoGrizzly. You can also add a portfolio of your previous work. Good luck! » Careers
Last updated: 24/07/2023