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At almost any online casino today, you can play the extremely popular game of online bingo. Canada is home to many online bingo sites since Canadians love this low-risk game of chance that is extremely easy to play.

If you’ve landed on this guide, you are likely interested in playing online bingo in Canada and want to learn how it works. This article will teach you how to get the best results playing online bingo in Canada, covering the game’s rules and the best casinos to play in. Below is everything you need to know!

Best Casinos with Bingo

How Do You Play Bingo Online?

Regular and online bingo share a lot of similarities in terms of gameplay. In each game, you get a card with random numbers and can cross out numbers that appear when they are called out. You will win the jackpot if you are the first person to cross out all your numbers and get a full house.

Online bingo comes in various formats, and the type you choose to play determines how many numbers your ticket will have. To play the game, you first need to buy a ticket, which you can find in the bingo game lobby. Once you have done this, then you enter the game. During the game, numbers will be called out. If you have the number on your ticket, you cross it out virtually and listen as the announcer keeps calling.

While the first person to cross out all numbers usually gets a prize, there are instances when you may get a prize even if you don’t cross out all numbers.

How to Get Started with Online Bingo

Bingo promises chances of winning potentially big rewards. To help you get started with this game, CasinoGrizzly has put together a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to do so below.

Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Bingo card Supply needed: Numbers
Find online bingo site on a list
Sign up at a bingo casino Firstly, you need to browse the CasinoGrizzly list to find a decent casino to play bingo at. Then, sign up for an account. Step 1
get bingo card online casino
Get a bingo card and listen to the numbers After you have signed up, head to the online bingo lobby and purchase your ticket or bingo card. Listen as the numbers are announced and cross them out if they appear on your ticket. If playing online, you will be clicking instead. Step 2
Shout Bingo! Once you cross out all the numbers on your card, you will have a full house and win! If you're playing offline, you would shout "BINGO!" Step 3

How We Choose the Best Online Bingo Sites in Canada

When searching for the best Canada bingo online casino, we specifically look for the criteria below to ensure that the gambling site offers what Canadian players need. Here’s what the best online bingo sites should have.

Bingo variations

There needs to be a variety of online bingo games so that you have plenty of options to choose from. The main online bingo variations include 75 ball and 80 ball bingo, as well as several others that offer you the chance to win big money.

Easy transactions

It should be easy to make payments at online bingo sites; ideally, a wide selection of payment methods will be available, including e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers. We highly rate casinos that prioritize fast payouts without compromising player safety.


When you play bingo games online for real money, there is a chance that your payment or personal information could become compromised. Therefore, the best bingo sites need to have SSL encryption to protect financial transactions and privacy policies that protect your data. A good indication of a safe and secure site is if it has a license from a gambling authority. You should also check for the padlock symbol in the URL browser to ensure the gambling platform is HTTPS secure.

Cross-platform compatibility

You should be able to enjoy a great online bingo experience on all your devices, including your computer and mobile phone. The best online casinos offering bingo games should be compatible with both large and small screens so that you can play anytime and anywhere.

Different Types of Online Bingo Canada Games

Because of how fun online bingo is, many variants have appeared over the years. Every variant has its own rules, but the overall objective remains unchanged. To ensure you are fully prepared to play any bingo game, it is vital to understand how each variant works. Below is information on each bingo game you can play at online casinos in Canada.

36 ball

The 36 ball bingo has the same rules as your typical online bingo games. However, you can only win a prize by getting a full house. Unlike other bingo games, 36 ball does not come as a standalone game. Instead, games with specific themes like Fluffy Favourites and Cash Cubes use the 36-ball format.

75 ball

This popular bingo game also goes by the name ‘pattern bingo.’ The balls in this bingo variant range from 1 and 75, with tickets consisting of 5 columns and 5 lines. Each column starts with a letter spelling BINGO on the ticket, and the objective is to cross off numbers as they are announced.

80 ball

This bingo variant comes with a 4×4 square consisting of 16 numbers. The game’s objective is to fill out the pattern indicated as the game begins. Lines in this game could be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal.

90 ball

90 ball bingo tickets consist of 9 columns and 3 rows, and players stand a chance to win 3 prizes in each game. These include a 1 line prize, 2 line prize, along with a full house. However, players who get a full house first are deemed the winners.

Bingo Bonuses

The best bingo sites know that players enjoy free things, which is why they offer numerous bonuses to players. These bonuses can reward new players who register at the casino or give them free cash when they make deposits. Some of the most common bingo bonuses are no deposit bonuses and free bingo games. Check them out below.

No deposit bingo bonus

With this bonus, you enjoy bingo games for free without depositing any cash. You are usually credited with your bonus immediately after you register in the online casino.

With deposit bingo bonus

Unlike the no deposit bonus, you will need to deposit some money after registration to access this bonus. The deposit bingo bonus could come in the form of free cash, free games, etc.

Reload bonus

With the reload bonus, the online casino returns a percentage of your cash after you deposit a specific amount. It works similarly to match deposit bonuses and usually ranges from 50 – 100%.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Online Bingo Games

It’s hard to employ strategies in a game of bingo since it is a game of chance. However, you can do a few things to increase your chance of landing a big bingo win. Here are some online bingo strategies that work:

Play against fewer players

One way to increase your chances of winning is to play in online bingo rooms with fewer players. By playing against fewer people, you increase your chances of getting a winning pattern before anyone else.

Buy multiple bingo cards

At some bingo sites in Canada, you can buy several bingo cards for one game and play these simultaneously. You can also play multiple online bingo games at the same time at some casinos, which increases your chances of winning.

Stick to a budget

When you play real money games, it can be tempting to spend a lot of money to increase your winning chances. However, you need to stick to a budget so that you don’t spend your bingo bankroll all in one go.

Try jackpot games

Bingo players can find progressive jackpots in which the grand prize amount increases until someone wins it with a winning bingo card. Bingo progressive jackpots are, therefore, well worth playing if you want to maximize your chances of winning big without spending too many of your hard-earned Canadian dollars.

Use a bingo strategy

There are actually several strategies that you can use when playing bingo. While these don’t guarantee wins, they may help. Here’s a look at two of these strategies in more detail:

How to Play Online Bingo on Your Mobile Device

You can easily play bingo games on mobile devices since most online bingo Canada sites are mobile-friendly. To play mobile bingo, you need to first access the mobile gaming version of the casino you’ve registered at. You can access the mobile bingo site via your browser or download the app.

After accessing the casino on your phone, you can choose which online bingo game you want to play. You’ll need to buy one or several cards and then enter the online bingo hall. When the numbers are called in most games, they are automatically marked off your virtual cards. If you win, you’ll automatically be awarded a cash prize.

Why People Like to Play Bingo Online in Canada

There are many bingo players worldwide, which is a testament to the game’s popularity. There are many reasons why Canadian players enjoy playing real money bingo online, which we’ve listed below:

Different Types of Online Bingo-Style Games

Aside from classic bingo, there are other casino games you can play which are fairly similar. Here are some other games that you can find at Canadian bingo sites.


If you’re a fan of both online slots and bingo, then you should try Slingo. In this game, you need to match up the numbers on the bingo card to the slot reel. Not all casinos host this game, meaning you may not easily find it online.

Scratch Cards

The best Canadian bingo sites will also offer scratch cards. With these, you can win big amounts by getting matching symbols and numbers on a card.

Game show games

Some casinos offer online versions of popular game show games like Deal or No Deal or even board games like Monopoly. You can enjoy these games in free play or for real money.

Online vs. In-person Bingo: What’s the Difference?

Online bingo works differently from playing bingo in real life; the differences can affect which version of the game you play.

You’ll usually go to a local hall with many other players when you play a real-life bingo game. You’ll purchase a physical card, and there will be a bingo caller who announces the numbers. As soon as someone gets a line, they will shout “Bingo” or “House” and win the top prize. Real-life bingo games are very sociable occasions, and people often go with a group of friends since it is a fun shared experience.

Playing online bingo isn’t as sociable, but it allows you to fit it around your schedule so that you can play whenever you want. Online bingo players can also claim great bonuses at Canadian bingo sites, like a no deposit bonus, which you cannot find at offline bingo halls. You can also find more bingo rooms online and different varieties such as 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo.

There are a few similarities between offline and online bingo. For example, you can buy multiple bingo cards when playing both. Moreover, you have the same odds when it comes to winning real money regardless of whether you play in an online bingo room or at a local bingo hall.

Real Money Bingo vs Free Online Bingo

When playing bingo online, you can either play for free or for real money. If you play free online bingo, you won’t be able to win any money, but you’ll be able to learn the rules of the game and have some fun without too much risk. However, there may be a limited number of free bingo rooms available since casinos offer more money games than free versions.

If you play for free money, the stakes will be raised, which can add to the excitement. However, you need to play with more caution since the risk of losing money increases. Fortunately, you can enjoy great bonuses that can give you free plays or increase your bankroll to play for longer and potentially win more money.

We recommend always playing bingo for free before you start gambling real money. Once you understand how the game works, you can join a real Canadian bingo room and attempt to win.

Laws and Regulations for Online Bingo Gambling in Canada

One of the most frequently asked questions from Canadians is, “is online bingo legal?” It is legal to play bingo online in Canada across all provinces. However, the online casino you play bingo at must not be located in Canada. This means that Canadians need to sign up at offshore casinos in order to enjoy this popular game.

All Canadian bingo sites need to be licensed by a reputable gambling authority like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures that the bingo games you play are fair games which have been audited and use the appropriate software to ensure results are random.

Is it Safe to Play Online Bingo in Canada?

Yes, it is safe to play online bingo, but only if you play at a legitimate casino. Many fraudulent casinos are looking to steal your money, and some use bingo games to do so. To ensure you don’t fall victim to these fake bingo casinos, follow the tips below:

By following the tips above, you can ensure you don’t fall into the wrong hands when choosing the bingo platform to play at. For a guaranteed secure bingo experience, play at one of the bingo websites on CasinoGrizzly. Our experts have evaluated each platform properly, meaning you can play bingo without worry.

Find a Great Online Bingo Casino Today!

Online bingo is an entertaining game with tons of excitement and low-betting options. However, you must choose the right online bingo casino to enjoy everything this game offers. Playing at the wrong casino can ruin your entire bingo experience. Fortunately, CasinoGrizzly has compiled a list of Canada’s best online bingo casinos. The team selected these casinos using payment options, licensing, and customer support criteria. Sign up at one of these casinos today and enjoy a fantastic bingo experience!

FAQs: Online Bingo Canada

How do you play bingo?

Bingo is a game you can play offline and online. For both versions, you will first buy a ticket, and the game begins when numbers are announced. If all the numbers on your ticket are called, you get a full house and win.

What is the difference between normal and online bingo?

Both online and normal bingo have the same rules. The major difference is that regular bingo is played in a land-based casino while online bingo is played virtually. In addition, online bingo has numerous variants.

What is the best online bingo site?

There are numerous online bingo sites, all offering something unique to players. As such, we can't call just one the best. The best bingo site is one that meets your specific needs.

How many numbers are there in bingo?

The numbers in a bingo game are not fixed as they depend on the online bingo variant you are playing. However, they range from 5 – 16 numbers.

Can I get bingo bonus offers?

Absolutely! Many bingo casinos offer multiple bingo bonus offers like welcome bonuses, free spins, free cash, etc. Our list of recommended bingo casinos consists of those with the leading bingo bonuses.

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