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At CasinoGrizzly, we feature a plethora of sports betting and online casino partners on our website. So if you are an operator of a sportsbook site or online casino designed for Canadian customers, you might want to get in touch. We already partner with some of the industry’s best brands, and we wouldn’t like you to miss out. With that said, we will highlight the major benefits a partnership with CasinoGrizzly attracts. We will also discuss how to get your sports betting or online casino site listed.

Why partner with CasinoGrizzly?

When Canadians search for sports betting sites, welcome bonuses and online casinos, they are directed to affiliate sites. CasinoGrizzly is one of those affiliates specializing in the review of bonuses, sportsbook sites, and online casinos. This fact makes partnering with ups to direct highly-targeted user traffic to your site a no-brainer. By virtue of our design, we can bring you many prospective new players, a large proportion of whom will sign up to your online casino. All we ask for in return is a small commission.

What we can do for your brand

Apart from driving player traffic to your site, there are various benefits a partnership with CasinoGrizzly offers. The principal amongst them is our extremely in-depth reviews. To achieve this, our editorial team puts a lot of time into reviewing all the featured websites in great detail. By reviewing in this manner, we can show off your site’s greatest features ensuring that players are familiar with your website before they even visit. Prospective players will also discover your free bets, free spin offer and overall welcome bonus package. Our review will highlight your customer support, payment methods, and game selection.

Another benefit a partnership with CasinoGrizzly can offer you is our toplists. On our toplists, we feature the top casino bonuses. These toplists feature throughout our site on all the main pages. When you partner with us, your online casino will show up on the toplists, bringing even more traffic to your site. Our affiliate links will direct players straight to your site’s registration page, making the signup process seamless and ensuring that new players can seamlessly make their first deposit.

This part is especially important since you are more likely to convert users coming from this link than you would those coming from Google.

Additionally, we will provide additional links to your website from various pages. This can be great for your brand’s SEO and exposure since your online casino will appear across various search engines. As stated earlier, this partnership between your website and ours is a win-win.

How to get listed at CasinoGrizzly

Becoming partners with CasinoGrizzly is a painless and straightforward process—we will expound on the process later. Before doing that, however, we need to highlight a few of our requirements for our affiliate listing.

Requirements for getting listed

Partnering with us means that we send you a complete list of our requirements. This can include all the details of promotions or bonuses you want to be featured on our website, alongside the full terms and conditions. We will also require graphical assets to be featured alongside your listing and review. You will be required to provide additional information concerning your seasonal promotions. This enables us to feature them in news articles on our website.

Our reviews are 100% unbiased.

At CasinoGrizzly, we take being an honest and transparent source of information concerning the Canadian iGaming industry seriously. Therefore, we insist that all partners, regardless of the depth of their partnership, do not interfere in how we review and rate sportsbook sites and online casinos. This, however, doesn’t mean that partners cannot suggest corrections to factually wrong sections of the review. It simply means that our opinions and ratings cannot and will not be influenced by partners.

We only list licensed gambling sites

This is a significant prerequisite for sites looking to partner with us. As we pride ourselves on being an open and honest source of Canadian iGaming information, we want our users to feel secure when making decisions based on our reviews.

Therefore, we request that every sports betting site and online casino has a full license. Before acquiescing to our partnership agreement, we will check your license status. If we discover that a license has expired or been revoked, we will remove the site and perhaps blacklist it.

How to partner with us

Partnering with us is easy; you simply need to contact us using the details below. A staff member from our partnership team will contact you with additional information. In all, becoming a partner doesn’t take too long.

How to get in touch with us

Please send any inquiries concerning partnerships to [email protected]. You can also get in touch using our contact us page.

FAQs: Partners of CasinoGrizzly

What are the main benefits of partnering with CasinoGrizzly?

Apart from gaining additional links and exposure to your website, the major advantage of partnering with CasinoGrizzly is the highly targeted traffic. Users on our site are already searching for gambling-related content, making them more likely to sign up for your online casino than if they discovered your site via other methods. All the links from CasinoGrizzly offer users a chance to claim a bonus, increasing the likelihood that they will sign up to claim it.

What are your requirements for partners?

To become a CasinoGrizzly partner, you must be licensed to operate in Canada. Once that is clear, it simply has to deal with you providing us with sufficient information and the required graphical assets to feature your online casino.

Of course, should any information change, then you need to inform us as quickly as possible so the new information can be reflected on our website. If you have any questions, you can speak to a member of our Partnership Team to get the answers you need.

Can I change your review of my online casino?

It depends on the nature of the change. If our online casino review has some erroneous information, you can contact us, and we will make the necessary changes. However, if what you want changed is an opinion, then we will most likely not change it. For instance, if we believe that a part of your online casino can do with some improvement, then our review won’t change until that improvement has been made.

We strive to represent CasinoGrizzly as a fair and open source of information.

Why do you only feature licensed casinos?

We believe that a gaming license is a way to certify that an online casino treats its players fairly. Casinos need to adhere to extremely strict standards to gain a license; otherwise, the license is revoked or refused. Therefore, an online casino without a license is a no-no for us. » For Partners
Last updated: 24/07/2023