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Lottery in Canada – Find the best lotteries

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The magical world of lottery, where dreams come true and millionaires are made. Lotto is one of the earliest forms of legal gambling in Canada. The market accounts for more than seven billion Canadian dollars every year – sometimes it exceeds $10 billion!
Although most are familiar with this fashionable, instant-win game, there are a few finer details that many people miss. Stick around to find out all there is to know about Canada lottery and international lotto games.

Best new lottery casinos 2022

The best lotteries in Canada

What is a lottery?

Modern-day lotteries are almost a century old. They emerged in Puerto Rico in 1934 and spread to Canada by 1969 when the law was amended to allow the sale of tickets.
We’ll go over all the different types of online lotto and regular lotteries on this page. One thing all of them have in common is instant wins. You don’t invest your time; you simply buy a ticket to stand a chance to win.

Guide: How to win in the lottery

So, you want to know how to win the lottery? There’s no fail-proof plan but you do need a ticket if you want to be in the running. Some may consider their odds of winning lottery games a pie in the sky. However, it is possible – a fact evidenced by hundreds of previous winners who now enjoy the spoils of their ticket purchases. You can gain entry into various lottery games with these uncomplicated steps and tools.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: CasinoGrizzly GudiePC, tablet, or mobile phone Supply needed: Internet connectionA few moments of your time
Decide on a Lottery Learn all you can about the rules of different lotteries, the chances of winning them, the cost of tickets, and the jackpot prize values. Step 1
Find a Sales Outlet Once you know which game you want to play, it’s time to buy a ticket. You’ll have to find an outlet that sells them. These can be found online at a variety of online lottery portals. Step 2
Buy a Lottery Ticket You can buy tickets at retail outlets using cash or cards. You can also purchase them online using a variety of payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, instant transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Step 3
Check your Ticket Dozens of winning tickets go unclaimed every year so remember to check the lottery results! When you purchase your tickets online, the checking system is usually automatic and you will be notified if you win. Step 4

Get to know the Canadian National Lottery

Canada is home to three national lottery games: Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, and the Daily Grand. Lotto 6/49 was the first to surface back in 1982. All three games have similar rules with slight variations. Players must choose numbers or they can buy ‘Quick Pick’ tickets with randomly selected numbers chosen for them.

A Lotto 6/49 ticket includes two sets of numbers: a set for the main draw and a set for the second draw. The main jackpot prize is guaranteed to be $1 million or more. The draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Let’s have a look at some of the most popular lotto games in Canada and the world.


The most popular type of lottery found in most countries is the 6-ball game. Balls refer to the winning numbers, aptly named because the numbers are typically drawn by picking balls from a container. Players choose 6 balls and a bonus ball. Matching all 6 balls correctly wins the jackpot prize. Smaller prizes are paid out for matching fewer than 6 balls.
Variations of lotto games usually involve more or less winning numbers and possible winning numbers. They may also disregard the bonus ball.

Lotto HotPicks

HotpPicks is a separate game that takes place on the same days as the Lotto. The winning numbers are the same as the winning lotto numbers, which is why the lottery results on confirmed on the same days.
Players can choose how many numbers they want to try to match. If you choose ‘Pick 1’, you have a better chance of winning but your prize will be relatively small. If you choose ‘Pick 5’, you have a lower chance of winning a lucrative prize.


In EuroMillions, players choose five numbers and two Lucky Star numbers. Matching all seven numbers wins you the jackpot. Matching five numbers and one Lucky Star gets you second prize, and so on.
EuroMillions is a multinational lottery that started in Paris in 2004. There are no restrictions on players, meaning that non-EU citizens are welcome to enter the draw. However, the rules state that players must be 18 years or older to participate.

EuroMillions HotPicks

EuroMillions HotPicks works the same way as the UK HotPicks, except that the winning numbers are those selected in the EuroMillions draw that takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays.
The Lucky Star numbers don’t count as part of the EuroMillions HotPicks winning numbers. Only the five regular numbers can be matched. Matching all five numbers wins you the jackpot prize. The values of the jackpots decrease with fewer matching numbers.

Set For Life

In Set For Life, players can choose 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and one Life Ball number between 1 and 10. The aim of the game is to match 5 main numbers plus the Life Ball. This wins you the coveted prize of £10,000 every month for 30 years.
Players also win prizes for matching fewer numbers. Matching 5 numbers wins you £10,000 every month for one year. Four or less matching numbers will award you a single monetary prize of £250 or less.


Thunderball is pretty much the same as a regular lottery. The difference is in the numbers that determine the winning tickets. In Thunderball, 5 main numbers plus the Thunderball number wins the jackpot. After that, the prize values decrease.
The lowest prize in Thunderball is awarded for matching only the Thunderball number and no other numbers. The payout for matching the Thunderball is typically equal to three times the price of the ticket.

Millionaire Maker

Millionaire Maker is more of a scratch card than it is your average lottery. Players purchase tickets and find out instantly if they’ve won a prize or not. However, winners only have a limited time to claim their prizes, usually a few months from the date the competition ends.
The odds of buying winning Millionaire Maker cards are usually much higher than winning a regular lottery since the tickets are printed with a predetermined number of winning prizes. Low-value prizes can be redeemed immediately at the point of sale. High-value prizes must be redeemed by completing claim forms.

Irish Lotto

The first Irish Lotto draw was held in 1988 and has since paid out values as high as €18.9 million on a single jackpot. As with most other lottos, the winning numbers are made up of 6 regular numbers and a bonus number.
Matching all 6 regular numbers wins the jackpot, 5 numbers plus the bonus wins second prize, 5 regular numbers wins the third prize, and so on. If more than one person wins the same prize, the money is shared equally between them.

Postcode Lottery

The Postcode lottery is a popular game in the UK. With the Postcode competition, players enter by paying a specific monthly fee in advance. They are then entered into all the draws that take place that month.
Players don’t choose numbers. Winners are selected based on their postcodes. In other words, if you have entered the competition and your postcode numbers are drawn, you are a winner.

Health Lottery

This is another UK-based competition that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Matching 5 regular balls scores you the jackpot prize of 100,000 pounds in the UK.
Smaller draws take place every day from Tuesday through to Saturday. Matching 5 numbers on these draws wins you 25,000 pounds, 4 numbers plus the bonus ball gets you 10,000 pounds, and so on. The lowest value prizes are for matching 2 balls, or 1 ball plus the bonus ball. This gets you a free ticket for the next draw.

Local Lotto

Local draws take place in various Canadian provinces, although not all provinces have separate local competitions. Since they are local, the jackpots are typically smaller than those in the national lotteries.
Examples of local lottos include Quebec Max, Atlantic TAG, Western Extra in Western Canada, and BC Max in British Columbia. Local lottos are run by professional Canadian lottery companies.

Free Lottery

There are free lotteries to be found on the internet that offer prizes without purchasing tickets. Free entry to these competitions is usually part of a reward or bonus offer.
If the tickets are 100% free, any prizes won from these draws will probably have wagering requirements attached to them. This means that you’ll need to play the money through the online casino a certain number of times before you can withdraw it.

Which lottery numbers should I choose?

When it comes to choosing numbers, players have many different strategies. A popular strategy is to choose a combination of ‘hot’ numbers or ‘cold’ numbers. Hot numbers are those that have been winning regularly over the most recent draws. Conversely, cold numbers are those that haven’t been drawn in a while.

Another popular strategy is choosing a combination of your favourite numbers. These could include birthdays or dates of special occasions. This way, players keep playing the same set of numbers until their numbers win – if they ever do.
Whether you choose your numbers or play a quick pick and let the system randomly select them for you, the statistical chances of winning remain the same. Simply follow your gut and let lady luck find its way!

Increase your winning odds in the lottery

The great thing about this type of competition is that there’s no element of skill involved. All entrants have the same chances of winning. You don’t have to know betting strategies or have statistical expertise to win a lottery game. As long as you have bought a ticket, the ticket stands the same chance of winning as all the other tickets purchased.

Of course, buying more tickets increases your chances of winning, provided that each ticket contains a different set of numbers. It’s very seldom that a player buys two tickets with the same numbers and both tickets win the jackpot. However, it has happened.
If you come across people trying to sell you a ‘winning’ lottery system, look the other way. Lotto is completely random and there’s no way to change that. You’ll be best off choosing a system that works for you and using your money to buy tickets, not paying someone else to select your numbers for you.

All you have to do is choose 6 numbers that nobody else will choose and the jackpot is yours! It can’t be that hard, can it?

Biggest lottery winner in Canada

It made national headlines when Aldin Lewis won a $70 million jackpot on the Lotto Max. The jackpot is capped at $70 million, which means that he won the biggest monetary prize possible on the Lotto Max. Lewis was a regular lotto player from Brampton whose colleagues joked about him winning the lottery until he won.

More than 800 km away, in Quebec, a family of eight won $70 million on a quick pick ticket purchased in 2020. Gregory Mathieu bought the ticket 20 minutes before the cut-off time on the night of the draw.

The biggest lottery jackpot recorded was in the United States and was split between 3 winning tickets bought in California, Florida, and Tennessee respectively. The prize amount of $1.586 billion was tallied on the US national Powerball lottery.


Many moons ago, lottery games were restricted to players in specific regions, resulting in meagre jackpots compared to these days. We can thank the internet and globalization for the staggering lotto jackpot prizes up for grabs today. Finding your way to online lottery winnings can be a bit of a maze due to the volume of games and different variations available. To add to the confusion, there are plenty of fraudulent sites on the web that claim to sell you official tickets.

CasinoGrizzly is here to help. Visit our homepage for a list of trusted and regulated online casinos that give you great welcome offers and instant win opportunities. Sign up today and claim your welcome bonus!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Canada lotteries

Where can I play the lottery in CA?

You can head on down to your local retailer to purchase a ticket or find a trustworthy online website that sells them. There are official websites for each type of national or local Canadian lottery. These are the best sites to use when buying your tickets online. You can play your own numbers or choose quick picks online. Choose one of our recommended sites for safe online lotto fun.

Where do I check the lottery numbers and results?

All major lottery events are accompanied by live lotto draws. You can watch these live on television or stream them over the internet in real-time. If you miss the live show, you can find the results on the official websites of the lotteries. Plenty of secondary websites also provide the numbers. Be sure to double-check that the winning numbers are correct if you are not checking them on an official lotto site.

Is it possible to play other Euro lotteries?

Yes. As Canadians, we have access to many Euro lottery games as long as we are 18 years or older. The EuroMillions, for example, has nine officially participating countries. However, Canada is not excluded. Since Canada is not an official participant, you won’t find Euro lotto tickets available in stores. You can buy them online at trusted sites.

Are the lottery rigged?

No. As long as you are playing official lotteries, they won’t be rigged. Be wary of smaller lotto competitions where the results aren’t drawn on live television or live stream. When the draws are regulated by lottery officials, they are random and cannot be rigged. Lottery organizations do make a profit from running the competitions. A percentage of all ticket sales go to the organization to continue operating. They usually donate a portion of the profits to a well-known charity.

What are the odds of winning in Lotto?

The odds of winning the main lottery jackpot depend on the lottery game being played. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million. The odds of winning the Canada Daily Grand is 1 in 13.45 million. That’s because there are millions of possible number combinations that can win. This also means that the more unique tickets you purchase, the higher your chances are of winning. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, you may win something.

Is the lottery draw every week?

There are several lottery draws happening every day of every week. Since there are numerous Canadian national lotteries, local lotteries, and Euro lotteries, there will always be more than one draw taking place daily. There are many additional international lotteries open to Canadians. You don’t have to look far to find a lucrative lotto jackpot draw.

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