Everything You Need to Know about Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Everything You Need to Know about Super Bowl Prop Bets
Published: 06/04/2023
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Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event for betting; over $16 billion USD was spent on the betting lines for Super Bowl 57. There are plenty of betting opportunities for this popular sport, and Super Bowl prop bets are one of the most thrilling ways to bet on this event.

An exciting aspect of Super Bowl prop bets is that gamblers can place them live while watching the game. Some of the prop bets are even based on what's happening during the match, meaning you can enjoy better odds.

If you want to learn more about Super Bowl props, you're on the right page. This article breaks down what prop bets are and looks at some of the biggest bets placed for Super Bowl 57, including one made by Drake.

What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

A prop bet (short for proposition bets) is a type of sports bet unrelated to the game's final outcome. There are many different types of prop bets that could be made during a match. These bets could be related to things such as specific players' accomplishments or teams' performances.

Some examples of the most popular prop bets for Super Bowl betting include the following:

  • Number of points scored in a quarter
  • How many rushing yards
  • Team with the most punts
  • First team to score
  • First touchdown
  • How many touchdowns
  • First offensive play
  • Number of passing yards
  • Super Bowl MVP

Online sportsbooks have plenty of options regarding Super Bowl game props. Most betting sites even include a selection of Super bowl exotic props, such as betting on the opening coin toss or the colour of the Gatorade shower poured on the winning coach.

The Big Betting Numbers of the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest night of the year for online sportsbooks. So, how many bets were placed on this popular event? GeoComply has reported that over 100 million bets were placed on the big game in North America alone. Over 7.4 million registered sportsbook accounts were actively betting in the US for the football game.

The number of bets placed has significantly increased in the past year. For Super Bowl 56, approximately 80 million bets were placed. That's an increase of over 20 million bets within a year! So, what contributed to this growth in over a year? It's believed brand recognition for top sportsbooks, more access to online betting platforms, and a highly anticipated halftime show attracted more people to Super Bowl 57.

Americans weren't the only ones getting their bets in. Canadian football fans also had a lot of fun with football bets, especially Super Bowl props. Let's take a look at what bets were most prevalent among Canadians when the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles:

  • DraftKings has reported that the highest-earning Super Bowl player props were placed on Patrick Mahomes for over 2.5 passing touchdowns.
  • Over 70% of Canadians that placed a wager on over/under bets bet that the score would be over 51.
  • The top bet placed in Canada was pre-game moneylines.

Biggest Bets on Super Bowl 57 shared by Operators

There were a lot of Super Bowl props and other bets placed for this event, with many high rollers placing big bets on the event. 67% of gamblers placed their bets on the Philadelphia Eagles. But, gamblers that put their money on Kansas City Chiefs were celebrating their wins, whether they were big or small. Below are some of the biggest bets on the Super Bowl this year:

  • A gambler placed a $150,000 prop bet through DraftKings on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the coin toss. This Super Bowl exotic prop bet ended up paying out $300,000.
  • PointsBet Canada paid out $40,000 to a gambler that bet placed a live moneylines bet on the Chiefs with a wager of $12,000.
  • One unlucky gambler bet $1 million USD on a moneylines bet for Philadelphia Eagles to win the big game. (Reported through BetMGM)
  • BetMGM paid out $984,600 on a totals bet. The gambler placed a wager of $547,000 for the total score to be over 49.5. They also paid $1,050,000 to a gambler that wagered $550,000 on the total score to be over 51.
  • Caesars Sportsbook reported that the largest bet placed for Super Bowl on their service was a moneyline on the Eagles for $131,584.75.
  • The largest game props bet was with Ceasars Sportsbook. It was a $35,000 wager on "no kickoff or punt returned for a touchdown."
  • The largest Super Bowl player props bet placed was $225,000 on Patrick Mahomes to have over 1.5 touching pass downs. (BetMGM)
  • A Super Bowl prop bet for $10,000 was placed, betting that more points would be scored in the first half than in the second half of the game.
  • Another big player props bet was placed through Ceasars. A gambler placed a $5,000 wager on Mile Sanders to have over 55.5 rushing yards.

Did Drake Win his Super Bowl Bet?

Canadian rapper Drake was the Super Bowl MVP of bettors this year. He placed 7 massive bets on the event and wagered $700,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the game. He also placed several other Super Bowl prop bets for smaller amounts, including the following:

  • Two $50k player prop bets on both Juju Smith-Schuster and Patrick Mahomes to score the first touchdown.
  • Two $50k team props bets on the Chiefs winning the first and last halves.
  • $30k team props on the chiefs to win all of the quarters.
  • $25k props bet on Travis Kelce to be named the Super Bowl MVP.

All in all, Drake ended up winning $1.477 million. However, this wasn't on any of his prop betting predictions. He won on the moneyline bet he placed for the Chiefs to win the game.

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