Which Scratch Ticket Wins The Most In Ontario?

Matt Johnson
by Matt Johnson
Which Scratch Ticket Wins The Most In Ontario
Published: 29/03/2023
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Sales of scratch tickets have increased in Ontario over the past year, with local residents winning $50 million worth of prizes. These instant tickets have big prizes attached to them. However, you must buy a lucky ticket to become Ontario's next millionaire.

Scratch tickets are a different type of lottery game than Lotto Max and Lotto649. Instead of waiting for the night of the draw, a gambler can scratch their ticket whenever they want to see if they're the lucky winner. You may know about the jackpot prizes from lottery games, but did you know how much you could win with an instant game?

This article discusses the top-winning tickets in Ontario. We'll also cover some of the biggest wins to date this year and the locations you can buy from to improve your odds of winning.

Are the Odds of Getting a Winning Scratch Card Better in Some Provinces?

The biggest lottery myth in Canada is that the best scratch card tickets to buy are in Ontario. Looking through the history of winning scratch tickets, most winners buy their tickets in Ontario. So, does this mean that Ontario is the best province to find a winning ticket?

Not exactly. You see, the results are never known ahead of time. All scratch cards are randomly distributed to retailers throughout the country. Even the professionals that are responsible for distributing these tickets don't know where the winning tickets are placed.

So, if every province has the same odds of winning, why are there more winners in Ontario? It all comes down to the number of tickets sold. Ontario residents buy more lottery tickets than other provinces. Since more tickets are being sold, more winning cards are revealed. After all, if a ticket isn't sold, it can't be won.

What Should You Buy a Scratch Card in Ontario?

There aren't any towns or specific stores that are considered the lucky spots of Ontario. Whether you purchase the scratch card from a gas station in Toronto or a convenience store in North Bay doesn't matter. Your chances of buying a winning ticket are the same.

So, what are the odds of winning on a scratch card? Most instant cards have a 1 in 3 odds of being a winning ticket. Now, this doesn't mean that there will instantly be more millionaires with more tickets sold. The 1 in 3 odds of winning simply means that one-third of all the tickets will have cash prizes. Some may only be for a few dollars, while others could have the big million-dollar instant prize. The same game that has a $50 million top prize is likely to have more cards with a $3 or $5 prize than the big prize.

The 1 in 3 odds refers to all the tickets created. This does not mean that if a person buys 3 tickets, they will win big on one of them. Buying lottery tickets is a gamble, so there is a chance that they could lose.

Check Your Scratch Card to Find Information about Ontario Lottery

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recommends checking your lottery tickets to confirm your prize. Each scratch ticket game differs from the next, so the rules for prize claims will be displayed on the back. However, these rules are brief, and sometimes people don't get the full explanation of how the game works. This has resulted in unclaimed prizes because people thought their tickets were duds and threw them out.

Lottery cards and other instant scratch cards can be checked to confirm the total prizes. There are three ways people can do this.

  • Scan your ticket using the lottery terminal. These are available at retailers that sell lottery and scratch card tickets.
  • Use the OLG app on your smartphone to scan your ticket.
  • You can visit the websites of the lottery commissions to check if there are unclaimed scratch tickets and remaining prizes left.

The Biggest Lottery Wins This Year

You don't have to visit casinos to win big cash prizes. There have been several recent winners already this year from playing instant tickets. Let's take a look at some of the biggest prize payouts this past year.

  1. $70 million in Noelville, ON
  2. $65 million in Sharon, ON
  3. $50 million in Stratford, ON
  4. $15 million in Burlington, ON
  5. $15 million in Woodstock, ON
  6. $15 million in Kirkland Lake, ON

Choose a Winning Ticket- Which Card is The Best?

Now that you know more about your odds of winning in Ontario, you might wonder how to choose a winning ticket. Is there a specific type of lottery ticket to choose for a guaranteed win? Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee you will pick a winning ticket. However, if you want to win a prize, we have some tips.

Scratch cards come in various price points. Some are as low as $1 each, while big play cards can be sold for as high as $50. It's common to think that the most expensive lottery tickets are more likely to contain a winner. This isn't the case with instant cards. The lottery business determines the prize payout of the ticket based on its price. This means that your odds of winning on a $1 card are the same as winning on a $50 card. However, the top prize amount will be different.

When it comes to choosing the ultimate ticket, everything comes down to luck. However, if you want a slight advantage, the following lottery tickets are known to have the most winning cards in Ontario.

  1. Diamond Club
  2. 25X Multiplier
  3. Crossword Deluxe
  4. Jackpot Multiplier
  5. Crossword Extreme
  6. Bingo Multiplier
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