Top 10 Richest Canadian Female Poker Players

Todd Knowles
by Todd Knowles
Top 10 Richest Canadian Female Poker Players
Published: 28/12/2022
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Gambling is not only a men’s affair because modern women also love playing casino games. But let’s admit it poker is not one of their greatest strengths, although some ladies in Canada might beg to differ. So, this article will introduce you to the top 10 richest female Canadian poker players. If you want to become better at poker, then we have a variety of different online casinos in Canada offering poker as one of the available casino games.

1. Kristen Bicknell - $5.5 million

Born in December 1986 in Ontario, Kristen Bicknell is a professional female poker player with more than $5.5 million from live tables. She started her poker career as a freshman in college, playing in Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars websites. Then, in 2011/2012/2013, she became a Supernova Elite at PokerStars, meaning she had to play at least 2.5 million hands yearly. Bicknell has three WSoP bracelets won in 2013, 2016, and 2020. She is married to Alex Foxen, a professional poker player. Kristen Bicknell is not a public person, why her net worth is unknown, but could approximately be about $5 million.

2. Liu Xuan -$3 million

Coming in at a distant second is Liu Xuan, earning more than $2 million from playing poker. The 37-year-old started playing poker at the University of Waterloo while studying political science. In 2011, she started focusing on live poker tournaments, earning third place at the EPT (European Poker Tournament). The poker star made over $3 million between 2011 and 2018. Liu has played more than 40 games, winning four titles.

3. Isabelle Mercier - $1.5 million

Born in 1975 in Victoriaville, Quebec, Isabelle Mercier started playing poker as a small kid. But before turning professional, she attended she practised commercial law for a year while employed as a poker room manager at the legendary Aviation Club de France. However, she saw her first breakthrough in 2002 when she won $53,499 after finishing second at the €800 No Limit Hold’em at the MCP (Masters Classic of Poker).

4. Vanessa Kade - $1 million

Vanessa Kade hails from Kelowna, British Colombia, and she rose to fame after winning the 15th Anniversary Sunday Million PokerStars $1.5 million. In addition to scooping this seven-figure sum, Vanessa Kade has also won over $1 million playing live tournaments. Before becoming a full-time poker player, she started by playing online while streaming on, where she won Sunday Million 15th Anniversary. In July 2022, she finished 10th at the WSoP Event #87, winning $33,300.

5. Louise Francouer - $800K

Another female Canadian poker player worth listing is Louise Francouer. Although very little is known about her personal life, it’s an open secret that she’s one of the top-earning poker players with more than $800K. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec and has been active in the poker scene since 2006. Francouer has participated in more than 250 live events, although she’s yet to win a WPT title or WSoP bracelet.

6. Kara Scott - $700K

Kara Scott was born in Alberta, Canada, in 1975 before relocating to the UK in 1999. Currently, she’s living in Slovenia with her Italian husband. That said, Kara Scott is famous for her engaging presentation skills in poker’s biggest shows. She has appeared at Sky Poker, Poker Night Live, WSoP, High Stakes Poker, and European Poker Tour. Ms Scott has won more than $700K at the poker tables.

7. Carla Sabini - $600K

Carla Sabini is a little-known poker player from Montreal with total table earnings of more than $600K. Although she’s not the most popular female poker player out there, Sabini has won two tournaments, including a WPT event and Colorado Poker Championship. In 2012, she finished second at the $2,200 No Limit Hold’em – Deepstack, collecting $139,839.

8. Cindy Kerslake - $490K

Cindy Kerslake is an active professional female poker player from Calgary, Canada. Kerslake’s career started in 2006, and she has won more than $490K at live poker tables. Her first live game was in February 2007 before competing in more than 100 tournaments. Kerslake’s biggest win came in June 2018, where she earned $35,185 after finishing second in the $500 + 50 Ladies No Limit Hold’em completion in Las Vegas.

9. Evelyn Ng - $400K

Born in 1975 in Ontario, Evelyn Ng started playing professional poker in 1992 before hanging up her boots in 2012. The 47-year-old has total earnings of more than $400K, winning her best amount in April 2006 at the WPT Championship, where she finished 39th, winning $73,230. A few weeks later, she won $50,000 at a poker tournament in San Jose. Did you know Ng and Daniel Negreanu had a short love affair?

10. Darlene Lee - $300K

Darlene Lee is a professional poker player living in Vancouver with a career date of 2009 till now. Darlene has made more than $340K at live poker tables, earning her position 314 in the country’s All-Time Money List. Lee made her fortune from more than 29 live poker tournaments, earning $8,577 in her first game, where she finished 20th. In 2017, Darlene scored her career best of $87,738 after finishing third at the No Limit Hold’em Superstack in Las Vegas.

These are the top-earning female poker players in Canada. It’s critical to note that all these players are skilful with varying strengths and weaknesses. However, they still have some playing to do to catch up with their male counterparts.

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