Unclaimed Scratch Tickets And Remaining Prizes Left To Buy

Sasha Thorne
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Unclaimed Scratch Tickets And Remaining Prizes Left To Buy
Published: 03/02/2023
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Playing scratch tickets is a great way to win instant payouts and there are amazing tickets available in Canada. Aside from being able to buy these at a local retail store, you can also purchase a ticket at an online lottery site. OLG is one gaming corporation that offers online options for those that are of legal age to gamble. If you want to be set for life, be sure to learn about the great games available and the top prize that can be awarded.

In Ontario, those who love gambling will be able to purchase fun instant-win games that can yield impressive wins. Whether you visit casinos for online casino gaming, play at slot facilities, or simply want to scratch a ticket at home, there are exceptional opportunities to win. Here, you can learn more about winning numbers and unclaimed prizes.

Which Scratch Tickets Still have Prizes?

Want to buy a winning ticket? Be sure you choose one that has top prizes remaining to be one. Every ticket sold in Canada is tracked by the lottery commission, which provides an updated list of prize payouts and how many have been won. Scratch games can be tracked by accessing any of the lottery commission websites. Looking for the top prize? Here are some of the ticket options that still have a number of top wins that can be enjoyed.

  • $30 $3,000,000 Prestige – 6 unclaimed prize amounts for $3 million
  • $20 $2 Million Extreme – 3 $2 million wins unclaimed
  • $10 Jackpot Multiplier – 10 wins for $1 million
  • $10 $10X – 3 remaining million-dollar tickets

Where to check if Scratch Tickets have Remaining Prizes?

Anyone who purchases a scratch ticket can see what remaining prizes are left to be won. There is no point in playing a game where you can only win the minimum rewards. To get the top prize, it is best to always check with lotteries to see what rewards remain on each ticket. In some cases, unclaimed prizes can change these numbers, but gamblers can get an overall idea of what is left to win on each game.

Each province has a lottery and each has an operating website. Visiting these sites will provide the latest numbers for lottery drawings as well as prize details on all scratch cards. If you participate in any lottery drawing or scratch card game, you can check current prizes and see what wins have already been claimed or what winners have been identified.

There are five lottery commissions in Canada and each will cover various provinces that regulate scratch card distribution. You can visit the main websites to find out more about the number of wins remaining and how to claim a prize. The commissions include:

Which Scratch Tickets Wins The Most?

When choosing a scratch game, gamblers should be aware of the prize options presented. It is best to select games that have the most chances to win. Many players will find what tickets have the best remaining prizes and purchase a number of tickets to increase their chances of being a top winner. Based on the information provided by OLG in Ontario, the $20 Premier Fortune card is one of the best options. This game provides 81,081 wins and of these, more than 51,000 remain unclaimed.

The next best option would be the $20 Royal Riches II game, offering over 80,000 total prizes. For those that want to spend less, there are two $10 tickets that are good choices. The $10 Luxury Crossword XVI game and Luxury Crossword XVII both offer over 50,000 cash rewards.

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